Our story

We have been developing and producing LED lighting products for over 10 years.During our research on health lighting, we have collected a large amount of research literature on the benefits of red and near-infrared light.Accordingly, we have developed LED Lamps with specific peak wavelengths:Red light 670nm  and Near- infrared 850 nm. As scientists have studied, they are helpful in improving circulation and promoting absorption.

Our CTO, who has degrees in medicine and electronics,when he and his golf buddies had joint and back pain problems,he recommends applying essential oils to the affected area and using low levels of red light and near-infrared light,the lesion made a quick recovery.As more and more cases of different types of pain improved with this therapy, an all-natural therapy for pain was found.

We are very happy to share the therapy with people,hope to be able to help people suffering from pain.